Bridge Medeical Center

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The Bridge Medical Center

"Where Health and Healing Paths Integrate"
-Expanding Life, Health, and Healing Potentials-


In a world where physical degeneration and disease has become a commodity of profit, it is good to know that health care is available that honors the body’s capacity to heal and stay well.

The Bridge Medical Center offers medical, naturopathic, acupuncture, chiropractic, counseling, and nursing health specialists who work together to maximize health and healing potentials.


The Bridge Medical Center is a premier healthcare facility, integrating the skills of distinguished and unique healthcare professionals.  The Center offers comprehensive health care and clinical services to all patients in a supportive and comfortable environment. 

Our professionals take the time to help our clients understand the process and causes behind symptoms and diseases, then teach and facilitate what is needed to allow the body to repair and heal. Beyond the palliative realm of treating symptoms with medicines, the science and art of health and healing is dynamic.  

The Bridge Medical Center- a bridge to health and wellness.

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