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Dear Dr. Gordon,
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and my entire family! I seriously don’t know where I would be if you weren’t around! You have done wonders for my family & me. I feel so much better since I got my allergy test done, started taking probiotics, enzymes, and B12, Vitamin D, and adrenal support. I am so thankful to have you around & I feel so much better than I did before starting with you 2 years ago!
Thank you so so so so SO much for all that you have done for us!
From: (17 year old) Camry P.

Dear Dr. Gordon,
As I look back on my weak health a year ago, I am so grateful to be well and working hard again. Thank you for all you did to help me get on the path of wellness, after no one else helped.
James C.

Thanks to you, my hypoglycemia symptoms have been eliminated. I don’t have to eat 5-6 times a day anymore. I’m finally off the blood sugar rollercoaster!!!

Dear Dr. Gordon,
I want to thank you for sticking in there with me and resolving my gastrointestinal problems. I also haven’t had one of my knockdown "spells" I previously experienced once every 6-7 weeks, for over one year no! The diagnosis and treatment for h-pylori has been the solution. Life is good and you need to know you’ve been very instrumental in making it that way once again for me and my family.
The previous four years were fairly wearing on all of us. Having good health is truly a wonderful gift, and I appreciate everything you did for me in giving me that gift.
I would have written sooner to let you in on the good news, but being Irish, I’m a wee bit superstitious. Now that it has been a good year, the word is out!
Please accept my sincere gratitude.
Mike K.

I continue to get reports through my office person, Carey, who helped get the little girl Gracie, from California, in to see you. This mom is so tremendously grateful to you apparently Gracie’s blood sugar numbers are down, insulin use is down, and things are just so much more stable.
I hope you get to internalize often what an amazing healer you are.
I’m very grateful to have you "in my loop".
Dr. C. White

In the past couple years, you helped me more than anyone ever has.
Thank you,
Catherine H.

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